Inition is a group of UX experts with processes that provide design solutions that can be successful in the marketplace. Based on design thinking, we use creative processes to discover and clarify our user and customer problems through careful observation and sharp insights, and to solve problems clearly. In a rapidly changing design environment, we have the capacity to find the best solutions for our users and customers, and we have a corporate culture to spread it.
Based on user research, customer value research, and international project experience, Inition not only provides UX design outputs, but also establishes design strategies for improving corporate value, products and services. We provide design solution and project management service to commercialize as much as possible. In addition, we provide services for authentic and reasoned design through inquiry and collaboration on new fields, not limited to specific areas.
Since the establishment of the company in 2015, we have been collaborating with a variety of large companies / midsize companies / start-ups. We can collaborate on design projects with design specializing companies in USA, UK, Finland and other countries that have international business agreements as well as in Korea. In addition, there is a collaborative network to carry out tasks such as strategy and local response research. So we can execute global scale strategic projects.
Design leaders have an average of more than 15 years of experience in design work, a diverse range of design strategies and research experience, and they carry out the projects themselves. Executives who have experience of Mobile phones / Information appliances / B2B / E-commerce / Security systems / O2O service design in design commercialization will be the best design project.